What is a Salesforce MVP & How Do I Become One?

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Another year has come around, and it’s time for another round of Salesforce MVP nominations. But what exactly is a Salesforce MVP? And how do you become one? Let’s dive in.

What is the MVP program?

For people that may not have heard of a Salesforce MVP program, it started to showcase and thank individuals. These individuals show exceptional leadership qualities, are lifetime learners, who go above and beyond to share expertise and help the Trailblazer Community. The name comes from the sporting term “Most Valuable Player” or “Professional” in this case.


Every year, around this time, the nominations open for the community to submit and thank people that have made a difference. Awarded individuals have the status of Salesforce MVPs for a one year period, and are then renewed.

What are the qualities for a Salesforce MVP?

When I share the news about nominations being open I normally call for ‘your everyday heroes’. Yet this year, I’m asking you to pause for a second and reflect. Over your day to day in the Salesforce ecosystem and community can you think about someone who…

1. Knowledge

With Salesforce innovating at the speed of light, it’s key to stay up to date with the latest advances, and keep on sharing knowledge on the platform. Of course, individuals will always have stronger knowledge of some products, but to me a Salesforce MVP is a well rounded professional.

In addition, keeping the knowledge to yourself doesn’t help the wider community, so it’s vital that individuals share this through sessions, blog posts, or any other form of media. 

2. Shares Knowledge

This next section leads on nicely from the previous, individuals should be the ultimate mentor, helping not only in knowledge but sharing wisdom. I came across this quick explanation from Don Robbins on the difference between the two. “Wisdom is taking knowledge and applying it to the real world”.

As well as this, Salesforce MVPs are always the first to be ready to lend a helping hand to a fellow Trailblazer. People that they may already know, and people that only just making their way into the Ecosystem.


3. Work Differently

A Salesforce MVP is someone who is constantly looking for ways to innovate, who creates where there is no path, and leaves a trail for others to follow. Devoting countless time, effort and care, in initiatives that are important to them, to make a difference to others lives. Focussing on knowledge, inspiration, experience, positiveness, courage, openness, respect, commitment, and focus.

4. Promotes Equality

Here’s where advocacy comes into play, not only on the Salesforce platform but living and breathing the Salesforce values, including equality. That always starts with “me”, where each one of us is imprinting positively on society.

No cliques, preferential treatment, being discriminative, but being true to the core of oneself. Let’s be inclusive and equal, starting from within, by how we act, what we say and what we think.

5. Trust

Trust one of Salesforce’s core values, and will be present in all Salesforce MVP’s. Today with information overload, we have multiple channels, groups, sites, social profiles, apps, notifications etc..it can get very overwhelming and overloading. But cutting through the noise, and go deeper, who is someone that has made a difference to you?

These are the characteristics of a Salesforce MVP that translate to me. But you can find more about them from the official Salesforce blog post here.

How do you become a Salesforce MVP?

To start off with, aiming to become a Salesforce MVP is missing a point. The award is given to people that embody community leaders, and if this sounds like you? Great! Continue doing what you’re doing. To me being awarded acts as an amplifier, like a mic or extension which increases the size of the circle of influence about things you care about and you already putting time and effort for, most importantly altruistically.

But here is how the process works. Once a year the Salesforce Trailblazer Community opens up nominations…

  1. The first round is a public vote, so anyone can vote for someone that has made a difference to them, in line with the characteristics described above.
  2. Once all the results are collected and reviewed, the nominations are passed to current MVPs to give their thoughts on the nominees. Remember, it only takes one vote to get through to this stage.
  3. Lastly, the Salesforce Trailblazer Community team and other Salesforce employees and evangelists give their feedback.
  4. Then MVPs are selected!


So if you know someone that is deserving of this coveted award, nominations are open until the 9th December, so get voting!

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