Your Guide to ISVs at Dreamforce: Where to Be, Who to Meet and What to Watch

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It feels like every year the excitement for Dreamforce starts earlier and earlier – and the ISV community is no different.

For those of us travelling from across the pond, it’s always tricky This year’s conference is going to be filled with awesome initiatives for ISVs – let’s take a look at a few of them in depth.

Partners at Dreamforce: The Numbers

Wait, what are ISVs?

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are Salesforce apps that exist to make your use of Salesforce better.

The best analogy to describe them is using a smartphone. Your iPhone / Android phone has an App Store, right? You log in, find an app that solves your problem or improves your productivity, and download that app with the click of a button. Apps make your phone experience better – they offer additional functionality

Well, the AppExchange is Salesforce’s app store for businesses using Salesforce to have the same advantage. Companies (ISVs) operate independently from the mothership (Salesforce) but develop apps leveraging the Salesforce Platform to make the user experiences better – more seamless, intuitive, and delightful for Salesforce customers.

ISVs fill functional gaps that Salesforce products don’t perform out-of-the-box. Companies on the AppExchange partner with Salesforce and use its technology to bring additional products to market faster, augment existing Platform functionality, create connectors with other products built off the Platform, and generally make Salesforce better for its users – whether that’s developers, admins, architects, sales, marketing, finance, HR or customer service. With other 3,000 apps on the AppExchange, chances are there’s a solution out there to help.

Where To Be: The Expo Hall

The Customer Success Expo and Campground is the go-to place for all things related to Salesforce products. It is home to both the internal Salesforce product teams and ISVs at Dreamforce. Here, you’ll learn about Salesforce products from the experts, try out industry-specific solutions, and meet the 150+ Salesforce partners who provide innovative apps to help elevate your business to the next level. The Expo also gives you the chance to see product demos, listen to vendors present at theater presentations, and get interactive with hands-on workshops.

Why Spend Time in the Expo?

Sales team struggling to adopt Salesforce? Interested in a call centre solution? Need a new tool for e-signature? Want to deliver marketing content directly to your users? Look no further than the Expo for solutions to make Salesforce org even better.

The Customer Expo is huge. It’s definitely worth visiting if you use apps in your org and want to find out what’s next on their roadmap, or are looking for new ways to extend your use of Salesforce. All week long, vendors will be giving talks about their products, showcasing their best customer use cases -there’s no better place to learn about solutions to your problems. Even if you’re just shopping, and don’t have the budget – speaking to vendors is a great way to get some ideas for what your team can do next with Salesforce.

Who to Meet: the AppExchange Street Team

Want to speak to someone who doesn’t work for the ISV about their experience with certain apps? The AppExchange Street Team has got you covered. The Street Team is made up of AppExchange enthusiasts who are up for sharing their favorite apps and how to make the most of them with you! If you find one of the AppExchange Street Team roaming the streets and lodges at Dreamforce, you ould be entered in a competition to win $50! How? Follow (@appexchange) on Twitter and tag them in:

  • A photo showing your love of AppExchange (a photo with one of the apps you met in the Expo hall, a selfie with the Street Team, a screenshot of one of the apps you use, etc
  • Add the twitter handle for your favorite app
  • Add the #Appy and #DF19

What to Watch: 11 Demo Jams, you say?

That’s right – the competition that puts AppExchange products through a quickfire round of pitching is front and center at Dreamforce this year. How does it work? A Demo Jam is a competition where ISVs demo their products live (no slides are allowed) in a 3 min presentation. Then the audience votes on the winner, who takes home the coveted trophy.

This year, there are 11 opportunities to vote for your favorite AppExchange products at Dreamforce. Find out which ISVs are presenting, and where you can vote for them here.

The TechnoJam!

How else can you engage with the AppExchange at Dreamforce?

One new event that I’m super excited about this year (and not just because I’m organising it), is the TechnoJam! On Tuesday night between 5 PM – 6 PM, come on down to the Architect Vista in Moscone West to witness 3 ISVs – Learnsmarter, Odaseva, SalesTrip – sharing their apps with Salesforce Architects in a technical deep-dive session.

The TechnoJam will also be at the CTA Summit on the Monday before Dreamforce. Data Dwell, Mahalo Commissions,  and NativeVideo will be showcasing their products to an audience of CTAs (Certified Technical Architects).

Interested in participating in future TechnoJam sessions? Get in touch with me at [email protected] – we’re bringing this event back home to London on December 17th at the Salesforce Tower.

The Parties

The breakfasts, lunches, happy hours, and after-hour parties are definitely something you won’t want to miss! As if a 4-day conference wasn’t enough – AppExchange partners love to get involved with the extra, out-of-hours activities. The Dreamforce party post covers them pretty well. A word to the wise – register early and update your RSVP closer to the time. You don’t want to miss out on these. So many parties, so little time!

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