[WEBINAR] – How to Perform a Salesforce Health Check

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Within any Salesforce Org, there are many moving pieces. Users are logging into the system on a day to day basis, populating it with data. In the backend, Admins are working away to maintain the system, as well as improve it through new functionality.

Salesforce is truly a living breathing system. But this does mean that you need to take a step back every now and then, to evaluate the health of your org. This is why Health Check’s are so important…

Join Salesforce Ben & EMPAUA on April 21st 4pm BST

Salesforce Health Checks

Running occasional Salesforce Health Checks is vital in ensuring your Org is running at optimal performance. This is a core skill that both Salesforce Admins & Consultants need to develop, in order to better serve their Org’s and customers.

Salesforce Ben has teamed up with EMPAUA, a leading Salesforce Consultancy, in order to dive into the details of Salesforce Health Checks and how to perform them.

Free Checklist

Half of the battle in performing a Salesforce Health Check, is understanding what areas you need to focus on. During this Webinar, we will use EMPAUA’s master checklist to understand everything you need to cover.

This checklist will be available for download to all attendees after the webinar.

You can sign up below, and I look forward to seeing you there!

4 thoughts on “[WEBINAR] – How to Perform a Salesforce Health Check

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    Will this be recorded and checklist available down the line? I am really keen…but I cannot pull off a 1am webinar on a work night 🙂


    1. Lucy Mazalon

      Hi Mark, I don’t blame you! A good night’s sleep is key 🙂 yes, all registrants will receive a recording of the webinar after.

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