Explore Salesforce Marketing Careers – Demand Generation, Data Science, and more!

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Helping others in the Salesforce community progress their careers is something that I keep front of mind – in fact, the whole SalesforceBen.com team does, too (it is our tagline, after all).

MarTech/marketing automation career paths are not as well defined compared to industries/specializations that have existed for longer. Holly pointed this out in a previous article (with her 12+ years experience, she would be considered an industry veteran).


There are two observations I’ve made over my time working in the Salesforce marketing space:

  1. The number of, and variety in, job titles is growing,
  2. That careers in the real-world don’t bucket neatly into Salesforce’s product names (unless you are a Pardot or Marketing Cloud Consultant)

For example, if you are looking to get started with a Salesforce Marketing Cloud career, you could research the different roles, find out which certifications to study for, prepare for an interview, then how to take your career to the next level.

However, for what many marketing roles demand, you may find this results in a half-baked marketer. How this Pardot/Marketing Cloud/Salesforce product knowledge translates into real-world roles is something many Trailblazers are seeking guidance on.

This is where #MomentMarketer comes in.

A new “Marketer Career Path” on Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online learning platform, has been released with resources for anyone looking to start or build their marketing career.

“With over two million marketing badges earned to date, Trailhead is providing anyone with access to job-specific learning, a community of expert marketers, and custom learning paths to upskill for marketing career paths in email, demand generation, marketing analytics, data science, and CMO leadership.”

Find trails that will get you familiar with these roles:

I love how Salesforce is putting the emphasis on these roles in order for us to future-proof our careers. Although these trails are no substitute for real-world experience, these trails give guidance to what’s required to excel, outside of purely Salesforce product knowledge.


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