Salesforce Summer ‘ 20 Release Date + Preview Information

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As of 31st March, Salesforce Summer ’20 has been postponed due to COVID-19, please read this post carefully

It might not be summer for us just yet, but Salesforce are heating things up by teasing us with their upcoming Summer ’20 release. As I’m sure Salesforce veterans know, the three Salesforce releases per year are when us Admins, Developers and Consultants get a bunch more features and tools to play around with and to delight our customers and users. If you’re new to Salesforce, you’re in for a treat!


There are many agenda items you need to prepare for with each release, but at this stage, there are only a couple of things you need to know: how to prepare your sandbox, and when your instance gets upgraded.

Salesforce Summer ’20 Release Date

The first thing you should be aware of is when your production instance will be upgraded to the Summer ’20 release. It’s important that you test all your main use cases in Salesforce before this date to ensure that everything continues to work. Although there is rarely any chance of this, it’s important that these checks are carried out anyway.

The Release Date for Summer ’20 was originally scheduled in June, however, due to COVID-19 this has been pushed back to July 10th & 18th depending on your Salesforce instance which is visible on the Salesforce Trust website. If you’re new to Salesforce Trust and would like to learn more, I recommend checking out Ines Garcia’s post regarding signing up for notifications on This release date will most likely move depending on your Salesforce server, check back soon for more information!

Salesforce Summer ’20 Features

Salesforce Summer ’20 Release Notes are here! Check out our Top 10 Features of this seasons release to get an insight into whats coming your way.

Sandbox Preview Information

The second thing you should be aware of is how and when your Sandbox is going to be upgraded. This is extremely important as this is the first opportunity you will get to test your system on the new release. You can sign up for a pre-release Org here, but these, of course, will not have any of your configurations.

Salesforce has two release windows for Sandboxes, which depends on whether your sandbox is a “Preview” instance or “Non-Preview Instance”. Salesforce released a handy blog post which contains all the information you need to figure out which your sandbox is. The two release dates for Sandboxes are 29th & 30th May & 17th & 18th July, this is over two weeks apart so it’s my recommendation you ensure at least one of your sandboxes is a “Preview” instance.


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