Salesforce RevOps Trends for 2021

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The buzz around RevOps continues to build and companies are keeping pace by adding new roles at a record rate. While the jury is still out on whether to go all-in and break down your operating siloes or hyper-specialize around each go-to-market team, operations leaders and Salesforce admins are more closely aligned to revenue growth than ever before.

No matter your particular role, if you’re in the ops and systems space then you’re pioneering a new type of career path that will only continue to evolve. The impact of your work is increasingly coming to the surface, leading to changes in titles, recognition, and compensation.


Technology and processes are constantly evolving too, making it hard to pin down the gold standard for best-in-class operations teams. We certainly have our theories about what makes for a successful go-to-market engine. Top tech stacks, rigorous processes, forward-thinkers, and motivated professionals with a mindset of continuous improvement all come to mind.

This led us to ask a lot of questions. What factors are creating the lack of confidence in tech stacks, why aren’t companies filling known gaps, and how empowered are these teams to help drive change in their organization today?

The Future of Ops 2021

Wizards of Ops, the fastest-growing community for operations and systems leaders, is partnering with Sonar, the leading Change Intelligence platform, and Salesforce Ben to establish the first professional benchmarking report for Ops and Admins.

We’re finding out what top operations teams look like, what resources and support they’re provided, and more, and we’d love your input. Contribute to the Ops and Admins Benchmarking Report today.

We’ll publish the results to help you and others advocate for more resources and career opportunities. It takes less than 10 minutes to be a part of the first definite report on operations industry standards.

What we know so far

Wizards of Ops and Revenue Collective recently investigated top technology stacks and we captured some interesting results, including:

  • 3.7% of respondents believe they have the perfect tech stack
  • 71% have identified technology gaps they’ve yet to fill
  • 38% of companies didn’t make any changes to their stack due to the events of 2020

What we do know is that operations and systems admins are constantly pulled in different directions. The tension between strategic vs. tactical work, proactive vs. reactive projects, and product specialization vs. generalist systems knowledge means these roles can look very different across organizations.

It’s time to get to the bottom of what makes a successful (and happy) systems and ops leader.

How can I keep up with these trends?

Take part in our survey and we’ll publish the findings to share with our communities (we’ll keep it open through May 12, 2021). Then, apply to join the over 2,000 active members of the Wizards of Ops community to be the first to know the results.

WizOps represents operations and systems leaders from top companies all over the world. It’s the go-to resource for many professionals to tackle systems questions, navigate career moves, gain mentorship and thought leadership, keep their ear open to emerging industry trends, and more.

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