Mass Update Records in Salesforce Using Quick Actions in List Views

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Do you want to mass update records in Salesforce without a 3rd party package? Did you know that with a few clicks you can do mass updates directly in Salesforce from a list view?

Check out this how-to video to learn how to create your own quick action button and add it to any list view, giving you the ability to perform mass updates in Salesforce. Enjoy!


13 thoughts on “Mass Update Records in Salesforce Using Quick Actions in List Views

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    Thats awesome, Matt! Thanks heaps for that! Defo a very handy one to have. I remember that I once tried to do exactly that, but I simply missed the step to add the button to those classic search layouts…Didn’t expect it there as we only use lightning. Cheers!

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    You can do this inline by selecting the Lead Status on the first row and selecting to update all selected records?

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      Christine Marshall


      Hi Rick,

      Yes – in line edit goes someway to solving this issue, however with the Quick Action we can mass update multiple fields, including those not included on the list view.

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    I have been creating a custom object list view for in line editing and this is PERFECT TIMING! I did not know this was available and is going to save a ton of time! Thank you!!

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    Thanks for this! Question–we have a custom field on Cases called Assigned to that is the person who will be working the case–we reserve the case owner as a queue like Customer Service, etc. I have a quick action called Assign to Me so that folks can assign cases to themselves from a List View. When I as an admin see this Assign to me quick action, the assign to field is a user lookup that I can leave as me or choose another user. But one of my customer service leads would also like to be able to change this Assign to field to another user, but it does not give her the option to select another user. She is able to mass Change Owner with another quick action. What is the permission I am missing here to allow her to do this?

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      Never mind! I had the Assign to field set to Read only on the page layout. Thanks again for the great article!

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