Dreamforce 2021 is Tentatively Going Ahead

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Dreamforce is Salesforce’s flagship event that attracts upwards of 170,000 attendees to the Moscone Centre in San Francisco. Because of the Pandemic, and for the first time in it’s 16 year history, Dreamforce 2020 was reinvented virtually.

To say that Dreamforce was missed in 2020 would be an understatement. For a lot of Salesforce professionals, Dreamforce is almost like an annual pilgrimage to learn, network, and let off a bit of steam. But there is a glimmer of hope for 2021…


Dreamforce 2021

Last week, Biz Journals reported that Dreamforce could be coming back in 2021. After a chat with Nicole Rogers, the San Francisco Travel Association’s chief sales officer, and lead on Moscone Centre bookings, said that Salesforce is “absolutely committed” to an in-person event this year. This would be the first major citywide convention since March 2020.

Currently, California state laws have Covid-19 restrictions in place that allow small conventions based on a tiered local system. This is expected to change on June 15th, when larger gatherings of up to 5,000 will be permitted. Events that are larger than 5,000 people, will require all attendees to be tested, or show proof of a vaccine. International visitors must be fully vaccinated.

Dreamforce is big business, not just for Salesforce who use it as a huge sales engine, but for all the Salesforce partners, and ISV’s that generate business there. It’s also a big deal for San Francisco, as Dreamforce reportedly generated $176 million in direct spending for the city. This is definitely not surprising considering that all hotels and accommodation will be booked out across the city.

Nicole Rogers has stated that Salesforce is planning to hold Dreamforce from September 21-24th, and aren’t afraid to get creative with planning. Options could include stretching Dreamforce further out across the city to decrease the density of attendees in one place, such as Oracle Park. Or, building temporary structures to accommodate the event outside.

While this won’t be the Dreamforce we are used to, and with the potential to disclude those who are not vaccinated, it’s exciting news none the less. I will reserve getting too excited until we have some more confirmation. Watch this space.

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