Dreamforce 2021 is Going Ahead as a Global In-person Event

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After much speculation over the past few months, we’re announcing that Dreamforce ‘21 is going ahead as a global in-person (and digital) event. 

While there aren’t many details available currently, what we can reveal is that Salesforce will host the first ever global Dreamforce taking place in San Francisco and cities around the world including New York City, London, and Paris – “across a global campus” – both in-person and digitally from Sept 21st – 23rd. 


Dreamforce 2021

We heard the rumours. No wonder hearsay sparked a conversation, even at that point. While exciting (with lockdown sending many of us into a state of craving social interaction), in-person events of this scale still remain a controversial topic for some people. 

In our previous article, Salesforce did state that they would do as much as possible to ensure that Dreamforce, in whatever form, would be a safe event. With hundreds of thousands of eyes on this high-profile event, I think there’s no way that Salesforce would take risks. 

This has been reaffirmed via the press release today, where Salesforce are commiting to health and safety as a top priority. 

Firstly, Salesforce will enforce all local guidelines and anyone who will attend in-person, in the US, will be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. In addition, Salesforce are working with leaders in the medical community, including world-renowned epidemiologist, Dr. Larry Brilliant, will work with Salesforce to ensure safety of all attendees. If the execution/organization and wo/man power that’s been behind the previous Dreamforce events is anything to go by, I trust Salesforce are taking this commitment seriously. You could say that in restoring in-person events, they are the Trailblazers here. 

That’s what we know. Here’s what we are yet to confirm: 

  • Composition of keynotes, sessions vs. other highlights,
  • Conference pass cost (and if there will be a difference between an in-person versus a virtual pass)
  • Which partners are involved from the ISV/SI network.  

Keep up to date with Dreamforce ‘21

Back to what we do know. As we do every year, we will be covering all the Dreamforce highlights from our team’s point of view. To keep up with the news as it breaks, sign up for our alerts across email and browsers, and across our social channels. 

Although Dreamforce ‘21 won’t be the mega-conference we knew pre-COVID, these are the ‘baby-steps’ towards the new normal (and restoring a ‘normal’?)

What are your thoughts? Will you be attending Dreamforce 2021? Let us know in the comments below. 

Here’s what Salesforce say:

We’re thrilled to bring Dreamforce back as an in-person experience, and we can’t wait to bring all our Trailblazers together for a completely new brand experience. Whether you join us in person or online, it will be the most innovative and immersive Dreamforce ever — another example of how, in this new all-digital world, we can achieve success from anywhere.

– Sarah Franklin, President and Chief Marketing Officer, Salesforce

What’s the big deal about Dreamforce, anyway?

For many professionals in the Salesforce Ecosystem, Dreamforce is the highlight in the packed Salesforce events calendar. In past years, 170,000+ attendees descended into San Francisco for 4 days of learning, networking, and having fun. For the first time in the event’s 17 year history, due to COVID-19, Dreamforce ‘20 was held virtually.

While a disappointment for some eager community members, a virtual event opened up an opportunity for the millions around the globe who find it hard to attend. If you are new to the Salesforce world and want to learn more about Dreamforce, be sure to check out two fantastic blog posts, 5 Things that Make Dreamforce Amazing & Dreamforce – Why Should You Go?

Registration & Ticket Prices

Both in-person and virtual passes to be confirmed.

6 thoughts on “Dreamforce 2021 is Going Ahead as a Global In-person Event

  1. Avatar

    I suspect Dreamforce 2020 will be a scaled back virtual only event. It will be too early to gather 170K in downtown San Francisco.

  2. Avatar

    We’d love to participate! Will depend on how they’re inviting sponsors. I.e. are they only inviting top tier sponsors? Will top tier sponsors get first dibs at the in-person programs? I wish they’d release more info for partners as many of us are already working on Q3 plans. Thanks for the update!

  3. Avatar

    I’m glad it will also be virtual. Not everyone can be vaccinated, and even if they are, not everyone is comfortable with crowded indoor events, and those people should still have the chance to take part.

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