Breaking News: Salesforce Conference TrailheaDX Goes Virtual for 2020!

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TrailheaDX is Salesforce’s conference aimed at anyone that wants to learn more about building on the platform. While TrailheaDX is not as well known or as large as Salesforce’s flagship event, Dreamforce, it’s a favorite of the Salesforce community. While the Salesforce World Tours & Dreamforce often have a primary focus on the more commercial audience (C-Level, Managers/Directors, Decision Makers etc…), TrailheaDX firmly focuses the event on Developers, Admins, Consultants & Architects.

Running since 2016, TrailheaDX puts on a pretty amazing show. Salesforce Co-founders Marc Benioff & Parker Harris are often front and center of the event, a well as many other top Salesforce executives. And as it to be expected at any Salesforce event, they have some pretty amazing after parties after a hard day’s learning and networking, with performers such as Lenny Kravitz entertaining the ecosystem. But most importantly, and maybe one of the reasons Salesforce will not be postponing this year’s events, is we have the announcements to look forward to! Last year, for example, was when Salesforce first announced and demoed their new Blockchain feature.

So after what I’m sure was a very hard decision, Salesforce have decided to not have a physical event his year in light of COVID-19, and instead host a virtual event. Although this will be disappointing for a lot of people, I’m sure many others will be over the moon, as Salesforce are waiving the ticket price (Usually between $999 – $3,499), and the event will now be completely free!

We don’t have a huge amount of information on the event as of yet, but Salesforce has released a handy FAQ where you can stay up to date (Sign up to the newsletter for more details). The previous dates for this event were June 9-10th 2020, Salesforce haven’t confirmed whether this will be the case on their current FAQ page, so I guess we will need to stay tuned.

We will bring you more updates as they come, but in the meantime, if you are finding yourself a bit lost in the current situation with COVID-19, check out our Coronavirus Support Package. Stay safe!

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