30+ Salesforce Events in 2020 – Europe

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If Salesforce is a key part of your technology stack, you should consider attending Salesforce events in 2020. There is the right Salesforce event to fit anyone, regardless of your interests, location, industry, or company size.

The events featured in this list cover a wide range of community-led gatherings to mega-conferences organized by Salesforce themselves. Let’s check out 30 Salesforce Events in Europe and beyond for 2020!

Community Events

Community-led events are organized all over the world, coming in all shapes and sizes. The Salesforce community is full of people coming from ISV partners, non-profit initiatives, and even user group leaders who love to share and connect with other Salesforce users. These events get imagination, sometimes even connected to a fun activity like surfing or skiing.

Here is a selection of the European Salesforce Community Events:

Event NameDateLocation
Albanian Dreamin29th FebruaryTirana, Albania
SkiForce13th – 15th MarchAxamer Lizum, Tyrol Austria
London’s Calling20th March London, UK
AppInnovation2nd April Paris, France
dreamOle24th April Madrid, Spain
CzechDreamin28th May Prague, Czech Republic
YeurDreamin19th June Amsterdam, Netherlands
French Touch Dreamin24th September Paris, France
Apex DreaminMid October Warsaw, Poland
Resco.nextNovember (TBA) Budapest, Hungary

Basecamps + Dreamforce To You

Trailblazers from the whole of Europe gather for 1-day Basecamps, full of innovation, tech skills, and business knowledge sharing – this is a place to learn how to facilitate the spread of knowledge and expertise in your organization. Dreamforce To You covers the highlights from Dreamforce each year (which occurs in November).

Both types of events come in various sizes – ranging from 200+ – 1500+ attendees.

 Basecamps Germany & Austria – full list.

Event NameDateLocation
Partner Summit3rd March Stuttgart
IT Summit18th March Frankfurt
Service Summit27th May Munich
Basecamp TBABerlin
Marketing & Commerce Summit12th August Hamburg
Basecamp TBACologne
BasecampOctober 14Vienna

Other Basecamps

Event NameDateLocation
BasecampApril (TBA)Copenhagen, Denmark
Basecamp24th AprilStockholm, Sweden
Basecamp28th May Milan, Italy
BasecampJune (TBA)Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium
BasecampJuly (TBA)Zurich, Switzerland
BasecampFall (TBA)Prague, Warsaw, Budapest
BasecampDecember (TBA)Lausanne, Switzerland

Dreamforce to you

Event NameDateLocation
Basecamp November (TBA)Brussels, Belgium
Basecamp November (TBA)Amsterdam, Netherlands

World Tours

World Tours are put on by local Salesforce teams. World Tours attract thousands of attendees, depending on the city, so it is a great way to get noticed by potential customers by sponsoring the events.

If you want to become a part of the Salesforce community, World Tour events are perfect to start with. Not only is it free of charge, but you get access to top speakers, industry sessions, you get to meet partners showcasing their solution in the Expo Hall, and much more.

Event NameDateLocation
World Tour London20-21st MayLondon, UK
World Tour Paris27th JuneParis, France

Big Events!

The following mega-conferences will ring a bell to everyone actively participating in the world of Salesforce. They don’t take place in Europe but are definitely worth travelling across the ocean to attend!

Trailhead DX, San Francisco | 9h – 10th June

TrailheadDX is a 2-day learning experience with 150+ sessions & workshop and that makes it a must-attend event for every Salesforce Admin and Developer – often start the path towards ‘expert’ status.

Connections, Chicago | 4th – 6th May

Today’s world is all about customer experience and how to refine it. Connections brings together marketing, commerce and service leaders to get practical insights on how to shape the future for a customer.

Dreamforce, San Francisco | 9th – 12nd November

During Dreamforce, San Francisco turns into a city for Salesforce and its fans. An event dedicated to industry experts, innovators and anyone who is involved with Salesforce in one way or another. Here, you will see the bigger picture and understand Salesforce the best. What’s everyone talking about? Which trends are most likely to affect your business? There’s plenty of content on the Salesforce blog in the run-up to Dreamforce and after, so you will be able to keep up to date with all the hype!

Bonus: An Event Without Borders

The first Virtual Dreamin’ event will take place this year! “Geographical location is no longer an obstacle”, is one of the event’s selling point. Sessions will happen over the course of 24 hours, designed for attendees to join when it suits them in their time zone.

Summary: Make Your Choice/s

Which events will you be attending in 2020? It’s time to make your choice – or choices! You won’t regret signing up for any of the events mentioned above!

Have I missed an event or two on the list? Let us know which ones in the comments below, and we will gladly update the list! Or talk to us directly at [email protected]

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