3 New Salesforce Features to Spring Clean Your Org

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Spring is finally upon us and what a great Opportunity to clean your Org. Checks like these should really be performed periodically to ensure your system is secure, usable and easy to use. This has been made easier with these new Salesforce features to help you further analyze your Org and bring quick fixes to light.

Salesforce Optimizer


The Salesforce Optimizer is one of the most exciting features to come out of Spring ’17. Salesforce has best practices dotted around in nearly all of their implementation guides and tutorials, but this takes it to a new level! The

Optimizer works hard to scan your entire Org against all of these preset best practises including; Field Usage & Limits, Apex Triggers, Page Layouts, Record Types, Validation Rules, Profiles and Sharing. What results is a large PDF that can be shared around your organisation to bring some of the issues to light. Read more about the Optimizer in a post we did earlier this year.

Salesforce Health Check

While the Optimizer focuses on your metadata and ways to improve your Org through UI enhancements and feature improvements, the Salesforce Health Check focuses exclusively on the security of your Org. Salesforce has created their security baseline, that is reviewed on a regular basis. This baseline is comprised of a set of security standards that Salesforce recommends you should set. These include; password policies such as minimum length and complexity requirements, session settings such as time out values, and a bunch of other settings that should all be taken into account. You can even default these to the baseline within the Health Check tool.

Read more about the Health Check tool here.

Duplicate Rules

Dupes…an Admin’s worst nightmare, as the users certainly aren’t going to fix them!

Proactively and reactively fixing dupes seems to be a never ending issue, however the former has got a bit easier to handle with a recent update to Salesforce. Since Spring ’16, all Orgs are now equipped with Duplicate Management. This toolkit contains features that allows you to alert and block users from entering duplicated on the Lead, Contact & Account objects. Since this feature was released all brand new Orgs have had standard rules (such as matching on Name & Email fields) enabled by default. This means if you have a slightly older Salesforce Org, you should get your head around the implementation guide and enable them as quick as possible!

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    Great Article. I don’t know if the information is out of date or what is wrong but the “implementation guide” hyperlink leads to a empty page.

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